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Create, publish and sell courses online.



Create, publish and sell courses online. Skilled is an Educators WordPress Theme & complete Learning Management System (LMS)
powered by WPBakery Page Builder for creating school/university/academic websites.

Create a world-class University,​ ​School,​ ​College​ ​or​ ​Academic
website with WordPress​ and Skilled​ in no time, with no coding required.
Skilled has been carefully designed and developed from the ground up for creating and selling
online courseware to suit a wide range of scholastic​ ​applications​.

Create Revenue with Sensei from WooCommerce

By integrating the best-in-class WooCommerce​ ​Plugin​ ​“Sensei”​ (sold separately) creating
online​ ​coursework​ ​to sell has never been easier with WordPress.
With Sensei you can create​ ​free​ ​and​ ​paid​ ​courses​, write lesson plans, add quizzes and set
course pre-requisites. You can charge per course or provide user registration and options to
really extend the functionality of your new Learning​ ​Management​ ​System​ ​(LMS)​ ​website​. An
LMS will help you administer, document, track and report on educational courses and training

Easily create and sell courses just like Udemy, Coursera, Lynda, Codeacademy, Threehouse,
Skillshare, Coursmos, edX, CreativeLive, Udacity, Code, Duolingo, TED-Ed, Squareknot to
name a few!

In case you want to have LMS functionality and sell courses with this theme:

Sensei – Premium Plugin You have to Purchase

The plugin is hosted here on a public Github repository in order to better facilitate community contributions from developers and users alike.

Online or Onsite Courseware

With Skilled you can create a comprehensive​ ​online​ ​academy​ or you can just as easily create
and manage a physical​ ​schools​ ​education​ ​plans​ with everything from teacher profiles to
quizz​ ​systems​, events and progress tracking.

Gamify the User Experience

Creating a ‘sticky’ user experience in education is a great way to increase interaction with your
website and build something that users want to come back to use, time and time again.
Gamification​ is a great way to achieve this. Showing course​ ​progress​ ​motivates​ ​users​ to
come back and complete courses, providing quizzes throughout relieves tensions and allows
users to gain valuable feedback throughout their learning journey.

These mechanisms along with your incredible content is a sure fire way to find success with
your online business and new LMS​ ​and​ ​education​ ​website​.

Premium Plugins Bundle

We have included the following premium plugins to further extend the functionality of WordPress
with Skilled: Contact Form 7, WooCommerce and Event Calendar. Save even more with WPBakery Page Builder, Ultimate Addons, Layer Slider and Timetable for WP – all bundled with your one off
purchase price.

This means a stack of money saved plus guaranteed compatibility with all of the plugins straight
off the shelf – so minimize the hassle with Skilled NOW.

Beautiful Web Elements

You want to entice, attract and gain​ ​subscribers​ so we have included a stack of pre-made
beautiful web elements that compliment the design in a stunning way to give you a gorgeous

You get easy to implement call-to-action​ ​banners​, pricing​ ​boxes,​ ​progress​ ​bars,
countdown​ ​banners​ ​and much more. All designed around the look and feel of Skilled to
complement and work cohesively together.

Demo Content, Responsive Design

With every theme from Aislin you get a fluid​ ​responsive​ ​and​ ​modern​ ​design​ ​that scales
across all of today’s modern devices beautifully without any further action on your part. Let your
learners’ take their content with them across mobile, laptop and smartphone devices with ease.
Of course you want all of the demo content ready to go too right? We’ve made sure it’s super
simple to set up with a full walk through included so you can go from whoa to hero in a few easy



Item support includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets


Please make sure your server has the right requirements so the theme installation runs smoothly.


/* 2018-03-16 v2.2.2 */
- FIX: "Home" breadcrumb text translatable

/* 2018-03-13 v2.2.1 */
- UPDATE: Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder 3.16.21
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.7
- UPDATE: LayerSlider 6.7.1

/* 2017-12-11 v2.2.0 */
- UPDATE: Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder 3.16.20
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.5
- UPDATE: LayerSlider 6.6.5

/* 2017-11-06 v2.1.2 */
- FIX: Automatic updates
- UPDATE: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.16.18

/* 2017-11-03 v2.1.1 */
- ADD: Logo alt text

/* 2017-10-30 v2.1.0 */
- UPDATE: Woocommerce 3x notice fix
- UPDATE: Visual Composer 5.4.2
- UPDATE: LayerSlider 6.6.1

/* 2017-09-11 v2.0.1 */
- Sticky menu fix

/* 2017-07-14 v2.0.0 */
- NEW: 5 new demos
- NEW: Mega Menu
- NEW: Layout Blocks - Build Header, Footer, Quick Sidebar and Mega Menus with Visual Composer
- NEW: Demo Importer
- NEW: Automatic Updates
- UPDATE: Visual Composer 5.2
- UPDATE: LayerSlider 6.5.5

/* 2017-06-16 v1.2.5 */
- UPDATE: Woocommerce 3x compatibility

/* 2017-06-06 v1.2.4 */
- UPDATE: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.16.12
- UPDATE: Visual Composer 5.1.1
- UPDATE: LayerSlider 6.4.0

/* 2017-02-08 v1.2.3 */
- FIX: Post list not changing author

/* 2017-01-21 v1.2.2 */
- Sensei 1.9.11 compatibility
- WPML compatibility

/* 2016-12-07 v1.2.1 */
- minor css issues

/* 2016-12-07 v1.2.0 */
- UPDATE: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.16.7
- UPDATE: Visual Composer 5.0
- UPDATE: LayerSlider 6.0
- FIX: Mulitsite Sensei Check

/* 2016-07-11 v1.1.2 */
- Gmaps API key fix
- Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.16.6
- Visual Composer 4.12
- LayerSlider 5.6.9

/* 2016-04-22 v1.1.1 */
- Visual Composer
- LayerSlider 5.6.6

/* 2016-04-21 v1.1.0 */
- WP 4.5 compatibility
- updated required plugins:
    Skilled Plugin 1.1.0,
    Visual Composer 4.11.2,
    Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.16.1,
    LayerSlider 5.6.5

/* 2016-03-10 v1.0.1 */
- Metabox database key corrected

/* 2016-01-15 v1.0.0 */
- Initial release

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